E fit project


Often, a busy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle do not go hand in hand.  We understand that today, many people are juggling work, families and other responsibilities and often lack the time or energy to pursue a healthier way of living. 

With this in mind, we developed E-fit. 

E-fit is an email based information service designed for the busy person.  Participants receive 20 daily emails containing information around maintaining a healthy weight through healthy eating / getting more active and other lifestyle issues such as alcohol, smoking etc.  We also include lots of tips, recipes, links and printable resources such as food diaries.

We have had very positive feedback from people who have taken part in e-fit.  Many of them said the emails they received were clear and practical and that ordinarily they wouldn’t seek out such information but having it sent directly to them really made them think about their daily habits.

E-fit is free to take part, simply contact us and look forward to a healthier you!  

E-fit in the workplace

E-fit in the workplace is a version aimed specifically at those in the workplace who may want to improve their health. Individuals or whole companies can sign up to receive our free e-mails.

To enquire about E-fit in the workplace please contact us